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Note:   Your Telephone number is not initially required to setup an account.  However, both your eMail and Telephone will be verified by TellBlast prior to sending your first blast.
  TellBlast Trial Account  
  Your trial account will be created with 100 FREE credits.

A "Credit" represents one voice message delivery to a single phone number. The message delivery may result with a "Live" person answering the call, or the TellBlast system leaving the message on an answering device such as voice mail. Credits are refunded to your account for calls resulting in "No Answer", "Busy", calls answered by a fax machine, or for numbers that are not in service.

  TellBlast is the simplest and most effective way to reach a group of people quickly. The service is specifically designed for anyone with an urgent message or reminder that needs to go out to a group of people.
  • Team Sport Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Group Organizers
  • Church Leaders
  • Anyone that needs to get a message out quickly...

How it works
1.   Submit your information in the form above.
2.   A new Tellblast account will be created for you.
  - We recommend that you use your telephone number as your Tellblast account number.
  - Once your account is establised, you can use the Web interface to create your customized Call Lists that identify who you want to recieve you voice message.
3.   You can then call 877-TELLBLAST (1-877-835-5252) to record and send your first message (Note: Your messages are limited to 45 seconds).
    You can access your TellBlast account via any Web browser to initiate the call blast. Your FREE account will provide you with full access to all the features that allow you to create, manage and view your blast results.

After your messages have been sent, we will send you an email report detailing who received your message (live or voicemail) -- you can even use the system to identify bad phone numbers in your contact list.

Visit for more information.

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