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There are two types of credit plans that you can purchase for your account. The plans have been structured to accomodate your needs based on the frequency of use.  
  Prepaid Plan   Monthly Plan
  One-time payment plans - Use these credits at any time with no future payment obligations. These credits expire 90 days after date of purchase.   The frequent calling plan - Get extra credits for being a repeat user. Credits renew each month. Cancel at any time.
100 Credits   $9.95
275 Credits   $24.95
750 Credits   $59.95
2,500 Credits   $189.95
10,000 Credits   $719.95
125 Credits   $9.95/month
350 Credits   $24.95/month
1,000 Credits   $59.95/month
2,500 Credits   $149.95/month

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Q: What is a Credit?
A: A "Credit" represents one voice message delivery to a single phone number. The message delivery may result with a "Live" person answering the call, or the TellBlast system leaving the message on an answering device such as voice mail. Credits are refunded to your account for calls resulting in No Answer, Busy, Fax, or for numbers that are not in service.

Q: How long are Prepaid Plan Credits valid?
A: Prepaid Plan Credits are good for a period of 90 days from purchase and then expire.

Q: Can Monthly Plan Credits roll over month-to-month?
A: Monthly Plan Credits do NOT roll over from month-to-month. They expire each month. However, your credit card will automatically be charged the Monthly Plan fee and a new batch of Monthly Plan Credits will be added to your account

Q: What if my credit needs change?
A: You can always add more credits by by logging into your account at, browsing to “Add Credits”, and adding a Prepaid Credit Plan or a Monthly Credit Plan. Monthly Credit Plans may be canceled after 60 days.

Q: Can I purchase credits on an as-needed basis?
A: Yes. You can set your account as "Pay-on-the-Go" that will allow for the purchase of additional credits on an as-needed basis in order to complete a TellBlast. During the sign-up process you can elect to set your account with this option. Or, at any time you can turn this option on (or off) by logging into your account on the website, browsing “Account Info”,  and selecting “Pay On the Go”.

Q: How much flexibility is there in the use of credits?
A: Credits may be used for one Blast or be spread over as many separate Blasts as the user chooses.

Q: Is there a limit to my Call List size?
A: Each Call List is limited to a maximum of 5,000 telephone phone numbers. However, if you require larger Call Lists, contact us to request customized solution.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Call Lists in my account?
A: Number of Call Lists per account is limited to 100.

Q: Can I combine multiple Call Lists for a single Blast?
A: Yes. As long as your account has sufficient Credits, you can combine up to 10 Call Lists in a single Blast.

Q: Does the system know if a call is answered by a live person?
A: TellBlast uses state-of-the-art technology to determine whether the phone is answered by a live person, answering machine/voicemail, or a fax line.

Q: How do I find out what happened with my Blast?
A: Blast Results can be reviewed by logging into your TellBlast account on the website and browsing to “Blast History”. Also, if you browse to “Account Info” and select “Notify”, each time you send a Blast, you will be sent an email that contains a summary of your Blast Results.

Q: What if someone hears only a portion of the message?
A: If a recipient hangs up inadvertantly or a partial message is left in voicemail, we offer TellSure TM. At no additional cost, the message recipient can dial 877-TELLBLAST to hear the last message sent to them. Note: The 877 number will appear as the caller-ID.

Q: What is the maximum length of a Blast message?
A: Credits are good for voice messages up to 45 seconds in length.

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