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TellBlast is a web-based service that allows you to send a voice message to any number of telephones.  It is great for groups of any size. Whether you are a team coach alerting parents about a change in practice times, or simply want to remind customers of a service appointment, TellBlast is the most efficient way to get a voice notification out quickly.  
To use our service, you must first create a TellBlast account.  If you are not familiar with using this type of service, we recommend that you begin by creating a free Trial Account and test the system with your own phone number.  To obtain a free trial account, click here.  Once you have an account, simply build a list of phone numbers, record your voice message, and then send your Blast.

It is that easy!
Call List  
Web access to the TellBlast account provides you with all the necessary tools to create and maintain your Call Lists.  This includes the ability to automatically load large contact lists that have been saved in comma separated value format (CSV).  
Messages are the voice recordings that you wish to send out to the people in your Call List.  To create a new-recorded message, we provide two methods:  

Record Message by Telephone


You can create a message by calling 877- TELLBLAST (877-835-5252) from any telephone. Our automated prompts will guide you through the process of creating, verifying, and saving the voice recording.


Import WAV File


If you prefer, you can record your message electronically to a WAV file and import the file within your TellBlast account (via the Web browser). This method will require that you use a third-party tool to record your WAV file.

A Blast consists of the combination of at least one voice recorded Message and one or more Call Lists.  When ready to launch a Blast, you can either initiate it from a Web browser or the telephone using 877-TELLBLAST (877-835-5252).  
After your blast has been sent, the TellBlast system can send you an email notification of the results of the Blast.  A Blast history can also be viewed from within your TellBlast account.  
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